Fok Hing Tote

Fok Hing Tote

Whilst we don’t know why they’re called Tote bags (we'll ask our friend Wiki later), we do know that they’re a lot fok hing better for the environment than plastic bags.

Our bags are made from high quality, natural canvas with twisted rope handles and bear the legend ‘I need a FOK HING drink’. That probably makes our tote what fashionistas would call a statement bag, and you won’t see many of them on the streets. So, if you want a bag that can carry stuff and make a statement at the same time, this bag is totes for you(!).

Just to give you an idea of its size, which numerically speaking is XXcm by XX cm, we reckon you can fit about four bottles of FOK HING GIN into each bag. Unfortunately, the bag cannot carry any other brand of gin for some reason. Strange one, that.

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