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Uh oh, thirsty? Looks like we’re not available online where you are right now. Click on 'Find a Stockist' above to locate a seller nearest to you (no dodgy dealings okay?). And if we’re still nowhere to be found, better ask the friendly bartender or your off-license bossman 'Where’s the FOK HING GIN?!' (might want to pronounce as accurately as possible to avoid a beating).

We’ve only gone and created a special edition gin to celebrate Chinese New Year! This one’s the Year of the Ox, and that’s inspired us to flavor our classic London-style gin with a special edition mandarin orange gin.

OK, that’s nothing to do with the Ox, but everything to do with the traditions. Mandarins have always been a big part of the celebrations – they symbolise good fortune, wealth, happiness, appreciation, prosperity and all kinds of other positive words.

Now, the name of our gin also sounds a bit like another word when spoken. We’ll leave it there, shall we? Suffice to say that this new flavour is sure to fok-hing delight your tastebuds if they’re fortunate enough to get a sip. Happy New Year!

Distilled & bottled in the UK.

70cl  |  42% ALC BY VOL


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The sight of mandarin oranges ornamented by its contrasting green leaf stem are seen scattered all around during Chinese New Year, almost as if it's an easter egg hunt of its own. But behind these gems comes a symbolic meaning, as the Chinese word for mandarin "kam" is also a homonym for "gold". To have an abundance of mandarin oranges then alludes to wealth - which is why we've created this Year of the Ox edition hoping to bring you some sweet liquid luck.

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Majestic mandarin meets a sprinkling of black pepper in this classic London-style gin that clashes East with West, with a few botanicals thrown into the mix.




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