Fok Hing Gin

A simply delicious gin from a pretty complex place

Fok Hing Gin is infused with ten 100% natural botanicals, harvested from sustainable sources native to the Pearl of the Orient.

Let East meet West the next time your pour yourself a gin.

Our Story

A city. A port. A harbour. A home. A tourist destination. A workplace. A peninsula. A former colony. The world’s 7th largest trading entity (yes, we’ve been on Wikipedia).

But one thing it’s not is a gin making city. It’s better known for ginseng than gin. For Kung-Fu Masters, not Gin Masters.

When it comes to making it, Hong Kong has always been happy for that to happen elsewhere. In fact, the gin-making heritage of Hong Kong can be traced all the way back to 2017AD. That makes Hong Kong virgin territory for gin makers.

Fok Hing Gin
Fok Hing Gin

Behind The Name

Any similarity between our name and popular western profanity is purely deliberate.

Actually, we are named after a street in our Hong Kong hometown, a name the locals have long since stopped guffawing at. But many visitors to our fine city still see the funny side and we are OK with that. We laugh at ourselves, so why not let visitors in on it?

So happy are we, in fact, that we adopted the street name for our gin.

The Mix

Infused with the beautiful chaos of the place we call home, FOK HING GIN is a simply delicious drink from a pretty complicated place. All the light, colour, sound, atmosphere, variety and mayhem of the city, we’ve tried to distill it all into a drink. No easy task, but our Gin Master is convinced he’s cracked it. In fact, it’s so good, our Gin Master fok hing swears by it.

What | he | puts in the mix?

Well, the Colonel never told anyone his secret recipe chicken, so our Gin Master isn’t about to spill the beans or pure green jasmine tea. Ooops. OK, that’s one of the secret ingredients. The rest? Let’s just say they are seasonal botanicals freshly harvested from across Asia.

Fok Hing Gin

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Tasting Notes

Please drink FOK HING GIN responsibly. And order it carefully. Bartenders and shop assistants may miss-hear you when you ask for it by name. And should they raise an eyebrow or, worse still, shoot you a killer look or even the dreaded finger, just calmly remind them that offence is never given, only taken. Then point to the bottle that bears our name and nod knowingly.

One other thing. Coming from a city as hectic as Hong Kong, it’s a bit of a surprise that someone had the time to discover that Fok Hing is actually an anagram of

Gin Of HK.

Fate? Coincidence? Clever word play? None of the above? We’ll let you decide while you sip some.

Fok Hing Gin
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