a simply delicious ginfrom a pretty complex place

an infusion

that makes sense of the confusion

Our name sounds like a popular western profanity, you say? Whilst that is a remarkable coincidence, we are actually named after a street in our Hong Kong hometown; a name the locals have long since stopped guffawing at. But many visitors to our fine city still see the funny side and we are OK with that. We laugh at ourselves, so why not let visitors in on it? So happy are we, in fact, that we adopted the street name for our gin.

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What’s in a name? What’s in a bottle? The name FOK HING GIN might get you a little flustered. But when you open, pour and taste the contents of a bottle, we’re sure you’ll exhale in a relaxed fashion and nod in approval at what is a finely crafted, superior tasting drink.



Gently muddle 5 of the fresh blackberries in a cocktail shaker. Add the gin, lemon juice and syrup, and...

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Pour the gin, vermouth and Campari into a glass over a block of ice and stir with a...

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Clover Club

Add the simple syrup and raspberries to a cocktail shaker and muddle, followed by the lemon juice, dry...

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Gin Martini

Add the gin and vermouth to a Boston glass filled with ice. Stir with a long bar spoon...

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Try French 75 cocktail with this gin!

This gin is super fine flavour. I loved the cocktails, French 75 tastes delicious with this gin! I did it with lime and good quality Prosecco.

Quite possibly the best gin I've ever tasted!

Apart from the brilliant name, it's a damn fine gin! Sumptuous and sweet jasmine tea, with a spicy pepper note underneath.

A damn good gin!

Quite simply, this is a very fine gin! Rich with juniper, sweet with jasmine, and a nice hint of spice underneath. Highly recommended, and a great addition to my collection.

Sweet & Spicy

I'm no gin aficionado, but what I do know is that I love this gin! A delicious floral jasmine sweetness, with a background spicy warmth. Perfect for a summertime G&T.

Fok Hing a name to remember

It's one of the best gin's i ever had the 852 has a full flavor of juniper; the 5 blessings has less juniper but at same time little fragrant of mandarin, not overwhelming but you you can taste its well


I got both the regular kind and the CNY edition. Love the zesty taste of both. The perfect gin to share with friends

Fun packaging and a great gin!

The "Edition 852" is now one of our favorite gins. Looking forward to trying "Five Blessings" too!

Taste of Hong Kong

Loving the Fok Hing Gin! and great customer service too!

Fok Yeah Gin

Amazing presentation and packaging with a really good Gin to boot. I bought one as a present for someone and couldn't have been more pleased with it. Now I will have to get more for myself!!

Ho ging gin

Love the jasmine taste

Hounds Nuts!

Got a bottle of the 852. Awesome hooch. Slugged in one session round the dinner table with friends. Best gin to slip into any conversation. Not a straight face anywhere.

Amazing gin

This Gin is so good and the packaging is really beautiful.

Fok Me! Fok Hing Great!

Huge fan of Fok Hing Gin. What I love the most are the flavours, it is exactly what I would want to taste like if I was a gin. It's a perfect blend of East meets West. Super refreshing and perfect for sipping whilst watching our sunsets. So come on Hong Kong get your Fok Hing On!

Happy Hour Refresher to Fight the Summer Heat!

Excellent aroma and fresh taste. New favourite for a cooling happy hour jumbo sized G & T!

Fok Hing Henry

Fok Hing Henry it's good, clean crisp and Fok Hing tasty....

A really great gin

Love it , it makes the perfect gift also


Great taste and very refreshing

The Best Hong Kong Brand Gin I ever taste

I tried few Hong kong brand gin but only fok hing make me buy again

Fok Hing University review

Taste much better then expected

Bang for your buck

FOK HING Bangin'


Fresh, light gin with a zesty note. Perfect for lounging in a sunny garden.


Been drinking this gin for the last few months and got to say it's lush

Awesome gin

This has to be the most delicious gin in the world bar none , if I'm wrong please show me but I'm not pour me another sniffter


Well I can't say I am a gin drinker but bought this for my dad as a Father's Day present which with the name of the gin I thought he would enjoy and he did. He said it has a lovely, clean, sharp taste and he was so impressed he will definitely be placing orders in the future.

Let The Fok Hing Fun Be Gin

What can I say ... Christmas presents sorted. Thank you!

Fok Hing good tipple

Very good quality gin not just a Fok Hing good name!

Fab gin

Saw this gin on Facebook very impressed

Just the Fok hing Tonic

Having quarantined by the lurgy and thus separated from all human contact, I felt it a perfect time to sample this Gin as I could repeat the test as often as possible without being judged by my peers and the misses. Funnily enough after several sample sessions I felt great and immediately ordered another two bottles. It's a great gin and it's getting better by the minute...

Brothers in Gin

Like 'Five Blessings' I too am born in Hong Kong so get to take gin with my 'brother' most evenings!

De fok hing Best

Easily ordered ,Fast delivery, Excellent customer service. An even better experience than imagined. Served over ice twist of Pink grapefruit with a premium tonic. Absolutely fantastic. And a great addition to my over 300gin collection. Enjoy.

Not just for comedy effect.... it's damn good gin!

I have to admit that I only bought a bottle for comedy effect. Thought it would be funny asking people if the wanted a fok hing gin. Even better was hearing elderly friends asking for a Fok Hing Gin. An added bonus is it tastes great.

Brought for the name but the Flavour is on point

A Lovely Gin both neat and with Tonic really refreshing great with Mediterranean tonic

Guzzling FOK HING gin

Thought it was a bit of a gimic, loved the name. But a great gin to drink, have had a few gins. Glad I ordered 2 bottles for Xmas, guess I'll have to order some more.

Great Gin, Great Service!

I ordered the tote bag originally, but it was sold out in the UK , but I was contacted by email to say of I didn't mind waiting a few extra days they'd arrange for one to be sent from Hong Kong at no extra charge. Glad I said yes please, the quality is brilliant, so much so I ordered the gin the next day, and wow, I love it! The packaging is such great quality, and the Gin is divine. 5 star service and quality!

Fok hing Gin - the more you drink the more amazing it is!!!

Best bottle award... packaging is first class... gin is amazing quality... all round... well done Guys as there are sooo many Gins yours defo sticks out!!!

Fok hing unhinged

I bought 2 bottles, one for fathers day for the father in law and one for me, because I couldn't give it away without having some myself right? Call me spoiled, Call me whatever it was worth it. Fok Hing Loved it. It did come late and u got an apology so that was good service, will buy again. I would describe it as a more savoury pallet pleaser, its bold but mellow and I savour the bottle for the weekend.

Perfect gin

You can really taste the junipers, with a subtle, peppery tone, leaving a slight, sweet after taste. Unlike a gin I've tried before but keep it simple, over ice with tonic water. Highly recommended!

Fok Hing Gincredible

Lovely tasting gin, didn't last long in our house!

Fok Hing superb

Fantastic tasting bottle (and the gin isn't bad either) - received as Father's Day present. Not as sharp or floral as some UK gins, with the mixture of herbs and botanicals used giving it a very subtle aromatic taste on the palate. Great presentation, smooth and unusual tasting gin, love the name. What more do you need?

Fok Hing delicious

This one really stands out from the rest, as the name suggests it's not here to muck about. Servicing suggestion; a fine tonic and a twist of orange zest, sat around a fire pit with likeminded company.

Not just a gimmick! Amazing gin too

Stunning depth of flavour, a gin to really savour. The name of this gin is just an added bonus. Perfect as a gift.....even if that's for yourself.

Hidden gem

My husband fancies himself as a gin connoisseur extraordinaire, I bought it as a surprise because I thought the name is great but wasn't really expecting anything special inside. Apparently I was sooo wrong, he LOVED it and rates it amongst his top 3 gins - believe me he's tried LOTS!!


This is the first time I have tried this gin and it is DING DONG DELICIOUSSSSSSS

Delicious?? Fok Hing right it is!!

I bought 2 bottles, one for myself and one as a birthday gift for my mum. We both agree that Fok Hing Gin is our new favourite tipple! The prefect gin for a warm summer evening!.. Top drawer!!

Definitely five stars

Quick delivery have really enjoyed this gin will definitely order again and recommend it

Fantastic Gin

Love the aroma and the taste of jasmine green tea. Cute packaging. Branding is fantastic and reminds me of Home Kong!

Fok hing brilliant

Like a summers day in a bottle. Happiness just waiting to be poured. Here's to good times be gin ning.

Thirsty of many

Hello taste buds this is my first bottle of gin and want be my last. The flavours are great with or without a mixer drink. I will certainly be purchasing more from this distillery. All the best to all that enter.

Reading Between The FokHing Wines

Bookclub tipple is normally wine but last Friday I switched it up to ask the winos if they fancied a FokHing gin.... Great amusement and enjoyment of the lovely gin....Fab success!!

Absolutely Fokhing amazing!!!

Truly the best gin around by far, will definitely order again and have already recommended to friends.

Fok Hing Gin got me well tipsy

Great name and well tasty, fok hing amazing Gin. Would fok hing recommend it.

Fok hing lovely

Excellent quality gin so smooth will be hard to drink anything now

More than just a novelty name

I have to admit it was the name that drew me to Fok Hing Gin. I thought it would make a great present and prompt a giggle or two. But having opened the bottle and tasted the gin I have to say the product stands up to the taste test too. Very smooth, very palatable and enjoyed by all who sampled it. Not just a novelty name but a cracking gin too.!!

More than just a novelty name

I have to admit it was the name that drew me to Fok Hing Gin. I thought it would make a great present and prompt a giggle or two. But having opened the bottle and tasted the gin I have to say the product stands up to the taste test too. Very smooth, very palatable and enjoyed by all who sampled it. Not just a novelty name but a cracking gin too.!!

For Fok's Sake, You Must Try This Gin

If you're considering trying this Gin, don't wait. This Gin is more than just a name. They've given as much time and consideration to their botanicals as they have to their marketing. This Gin has so much potential for cocktails as well as being fabulous as a classic G&T.

Fok Hing Gin better than Bloody Bombay

Excellent gin, Special with Rhubarb and Raspberry tonic with ice


Bought this for my other half, he said that this is really smooth, with a great flavour. He is a bit of a gin connoisseur and this is now his new favourite. Unfortunately this is clearly going to cost me a FOK HING fortune.

My F IN Gin !!!

Bloody brilliant , it's dry and spicy to the pallet !! All my friends loved the gin and the name!!


Got this for the name but was very pleased with the flavour, very smooth. So did my friends.


Shared with friends at a steam rally. Our first experience of your Gin. It was a resounding success. Delicious. My new favourite. Thank you.

One of the best Fok Hing Gins

Flavour of this gin was beautiful. I bought it for my wife due to the name honestly but this is one of the best gins I've tasted.

Fok hing good gin

Just the bis gin give me fok hing more!

First timer

Well what can I say it's the first time we have ordered your gin very quirky label. This was what brought our first bottle. Did not disappoint with flavour, goes well with tonic lemonade or other cordial. Has a bit of a peppery taste. We will certainly buy another bottle.

Fok Hing Fantastic!!

Not only has this gin got the best name it tastes amazing!!

Hong Kong Yummy

Smooth and went down faster than Superman in a telephone box...

Fok Hing Brilliant!

Absolutely loved my bottle of edition 852 , it's a smooth tasting , quality gin that needs nothing other than a simple tonic mixer to tickle the taste buds ! In my opinion it's not necessary to make fancy cocktails with it unless that's your 'thing'. Asking my friends if they would like a Fok Hing Gin, Priceless!

Fok Hing Ginsational!

Wow! This certainly hits the spot. A real crowd entertainer. Great taste, great party piece, great gin. Fok Hing Ginsational.

Wonderfully tasty.

This gin is crisp flavoursome with just the right amount of botanicals. Great with a bit of time and a good tonic. Highly recommended

FOK HING nice gin

Very smooth nice gin

I Waited Fok Hing Long Enough But It Was Worth It

Having placed my order of Fok Hing Gin it was a no show after a week. The courier we shall say had a little blip & Fok Hing who knows where it ended up. Anyway the customer service was outstanding, I had regular emails to the extent I was on first name terms with the Fok Hing customer service team. Then as if by Fok Hing magic it arrived, superbly packaged and none the wiser of it journey. Can't rate these guys high enough

Fok Hing Amazing

Great gin, love the reminders of HK, having been based there for a while. A perfect reminder from a Gin with more thank hints of HK. Well done futs.

Edition 852 love affair

Fok hing 852, you were a blast RIP 30.5.21 - 31.5.21

Fok Hing Marvelous!

Very happy with this which was purchased as a present. A really 'ginny' gin, no messing about, with a floral scent. Absolutely delicious with a light tonic. Not just a great name, great gin!

If drinking FOK HING GIN was a Martial art I would train to be a grand master

Beautiful smooth taste with a kick like Bruce Lee, with a good mixer this Gin really hits the spot.

Makes a great present!

Packaging was so nice so is great to give as a present, if you can bare to part with it or do what I did and buy two one for you and one to gift!

Fok Hing heaven or Fok Hing hell?

I don't do reviews, so mind your own Fok Hing business. But since you asked nicely - it's gin heaven. And so is the Five Blessings edition. Both delish with a slice of orange and some peppercorns. If you really want to know what it tastes like, buy your own Fok Hing bottle.

More than just a name...

Lovely fresh taste, very easy on the palette. Would buy again!


Very smooth gin. Quick delivery. Would recommend.

Worth the FOK HING wait!

Loving this gin! Very smooth and worth waiting for. A FOK HING good drop!

A Fok Hing Good buy!

We were forced to wait for our delivery of Fok Hing Gin fault of the company I will add! But oh my Fok Hing God Of all that is Gin was it worth it?....Yes fresh tasty and strange as Fok two glasses and we were slightly Fok'd. This is not just quality it's top class Fok Hing Gin we raise our glass to all the clever Foks that make it ...and buy it ...cheers!

Fok Hing wonderful!

A new gin for the collection. I was attracted to the name and when my order arrived, loved the little bag the bottle came in. An extra special touch. When I tried the gin itself, I loved the crisp, fresh taste. Just what I needed after a long week. Definitely one to reordering the future

Thank 'Fok' for this gin!

I was dubious at first with this gin. Playing on the name. Needn’t have been though. Great service from start to finish, and sadly for this gin, that came a tad too quickly. Great flavours and a lovely drink over ice with a quality tonic. May have to go with the intravenous method for the next bottle! Great gin.

A Fok Hing great taste

The first gin I have tasted that is good to drink without tonic! The tonic only needed to make a long drink. A great Fok Hing discovery!

Fok Hing excellent

My girlfriend said it's the best gin she's tasted, and coming from someone who has drunk enough of the stuff to float the Ark Royal, it's praise indeed

Don't fok hing wait a moment longer...

This Gin is the Fok Hing Amazing! Great name. Great bottle. Great taste. A must have!

Fok Hing Tasty Gin...

I was expecting good things from this gin and boy, did it deliver!! Lovely nose, great dry proper juniper gin flavour. Very impressed.

Fabulous surprise

Great gin and a welcome addition to the collection.

You will love it

Great tasting, great looking bottle, great prize..... what more do you want from gin !!

I've become a Gweilo once again.

With my first sip I was immediately transported back to my balcony overlooking Victoria park on Hong Kong island. The warm breeze wafting up from the streets below heavy with the scents of the Orient, jasmine, street food and the harbour. The lights of Kowloon twinkling in the distance.


Well packaged, well presented! Well good Gin!!! Such a great company, an incredible gin and will be buying more. Made a wonderful present for my gin loving friend too!

F'ninnn braw!

A stunning gin, worth it.....high recommend.

More, please!

A very nice tasting gin, a really pleasant smell, and after taste, leaving you wanting another, so easy to drink and savour.

Fok Hing Love It!

I'm so chuffed that I discovered this new amazing gin! Prompt delivery and beautifully packaged. Every one needs a treat and this is mine xx

Simply great

Fok Hing lovely. One of my all time favourites.

FOK HING ExtraorGINary!!

Brilliant service, quick shipment and an absolute belter of a gin. Whilst we may not have had the best of weather recently (no sitting out on the sun deck:)) we have at least been able to enjoy a Sun-downer or two!!

Fok Hing Gin-ius!

Received my gin last week. Love the bottle and the packaging. Only has a small shot to taste and it's amazing. Just waiting for the weather to improve so we can enjoy some more Fok Hing drinks in the sun!! Top stuff!

Great Gin

A great tasting crisp gin. With a great name to match

Best gin ever

Ordered 2 bottles of your lovely gin. Came very securely packaged and prompt delivery. Tasted amazing too

You feel on top of a wall

An absolute stunning drink, the names brilliant, but the taste is even better, a real knock out gin, with this is hand I could walk any wall...

Fokhing delicious gin!!

Thought this would be a gimmick based only on its name, but having tried it it's fokhing delicious!

Fok Hing good

Thank you for delivering my gin safe, sound and packed without plastic. Oh and I love the gin too

Fok Hing Marvellous Gin Present

Purchased as a Birthday Present the recipient thought it was a Fok Hing great present.

Hong Kong revisited

A splendid reminder of many happy days spent in HK before the takeover! Time to indulge in gin soaked reminiscences.

Fok Hing Gin not so Fok Hing funny when the grandchildren visit and ask who wants a Fok Hing gin

Smooth, tasty, crisp gin that taste Fok Hing handsome any night of the week not just Thank Fok it's Friday


To be honest, I suspected this gin to be something of a gimmick given the name and like others I imagine was roped in by the prospect of a few amusing nights with friends. How wrong could I be? This is a bright citrus led refreshing gin which is a real pleasure to drink. It displays versatility delivering a summery G&T while being equally smooth enough to sip over ice on its own. For Fok's sake people. Don't hesitate. You deserve this in your life

Love this gin

Smooth and refreshing, needs nothing more added to it other than tonic and ice.

Best gin I think I have remembered

Beautiful and dry great with flavoured tonic

Avoiding the obvious pun. Its nicer than a very nice thing from niceville....

So I fell for the name and the marketing and bought a bottle on spec. I am a a fairly new convert to gin but have to say this is a very nice gin. It had a great flavour and is easy on the palette. Could be drunk on its own as it's that smooth but goes equally as well with a good tonic. (We use Fever Tree). This has become a firm favourite and there will be more purchases. You just have to Fok Hing try it!

Edition 852 - too good for tonic?

I have been sipping my Edition 852 over ice recently as the flavours have been lost when diluted with tonic, even some of the light Fentimans. Not sure why drinking straight gin is not more of a thing when producers like Fok Hing go to such lengths to produce great flavours.

Great Gin

A great little gin.

Fok Hing lovely gin

This product is Fok Hing lovely, I bought my first bottle as part of my wife's birthday present. I got a taste of it and it was a Fok Hing taste sensation. The problem now is that when I ask if we are having a Fok Hing gin she tells me to Fok Hoff and drink the cheap stuff. That's hers.


Bought as a present for my son, he was delighted, he said the taste was amazing, I am going over to visit him soon , can't wait to taste it!!!!

Fok Hing lovely

Delighted with my Fok Hing gin. Very smooth and refreshing. Seems to be vanishing from the bottle quite quickly.


Although I bought this gin because of the name, I absolutely love it! I even asked friends in Hong Kong about the street name and they said that it was true. Great name and great gin!!!


Light crisp refreshing. Everything I look for in a Gin I’ll be drinking at the beach or at happy hour sunset long into a night. Citrusy and clean. Staple purchase for me.

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