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The discovery of our spice merchant was very much like the voyagers of the silk road back in the days. Except for us, it was hiking up the cobbled roads of Sheung Wan’s stone steps and through Hollywood Road to discover a small century-old family-run spices shop. The pungent smell of Szechuan peppercorns and exotic spices are mixed in the air, wafting out of giant burlap sacks with a shop cat guarding over the cinnamon sticks.

Our quality botanicals are sourced right here from this hole in the wall, and the finest of our jasmine green tea leaves from a local tea emporium, concocting into a harmonious mix that tastes authentically like Hong Kong. All botanicals then make the long journey to the UK, ready to be distilled into our unique and flavourful gin.

grain to glass



Arriving at the doorstep of our Northampton distillery, our master distiller prepares the base spirit and infuses it with our Asian botanicals to macerate in a traditionally crafted, hand-beaten Portuguese copper still.

When heated, the infused spirit distillates and is proofed with water to achieve the desired 42% ABV. The result? A crisp and clean taste, yet with a bold and worldly flavour.

fun facts


Small Batch Production


We only craft 250 in every batch we produce to ensure quality over quantity. The number at the back of each bottle is uniquely identified to their batch production.

9,629km for perfection


That's the combined distance our botanicals and raw materials travel - from both Hong Kong and local suppliers in the UK - just to make some fok-hing good gin.

Lucky 13


Whilst unlucky for some, the number 13 is our lucky charm. Why so? For after 13 formulations, we finally cracked the perfect botanical blend for our legendary EDITION 852 gin.
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